Adrian Foulkes.

Natural from Madrid. Living in Madrid.
Artist, musician, composer, producer, editor and DJ. He also has a fine arts degree.
He started playing piano when he was a child. But didn´t explore the world of composition until the age of 17,
and it was by the time he was finishing his degree when he started considering music more than a hobby.

He worked as a composer in films and series, assisting Federico Jusid.
Later he became a regular partner as a producer and editor. His first complete film was: ¡Atraco!, directed by Eduard Cortés.
He has also collaborated as a composer with Lucio Godoy.

Last 2 years he´s been working as a freelance. Composing music for short films, designing corporate image, motion graphics…etc.
Lately he is working in his own music project, based in recording everything just with a piano. His expected title: Pianismos.

"Taking advantage of a grand piano we have at the studio, I started exploring the possibilities of composing non common songs
with a little touch of electronic music. I experimented with sounds that you wouldn´t recognize from a piano, but this is the game, doing everything just with a piano"